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Top 5 Reasons to Attend GFA

Top 5 Reasons to Attend GFA

1. Learn how top industry experts are using digital technology to maximize their fundraising efforts

Looking to increase participation? Pipeline? Of course you are! Graduway + Gravyty Fundraising Academy features more than 50 speakers from organizations around the world, sharing their insights into how leveraging digital fundraising tools can increase all your KPIs and help scale your efforts. You’ll also discover new ways to track these KPIs and measure your return on investment more accurately. GFA features experts on both annual and regular giving who will share their best practices for digital fundraising—insights you can incorporate into your strategy to replicate their success!

2. Gain insight on how to create your brand as a leader 

GFA’s speakers have established and cultivated their own personal brands as fundraisers and industry leaders in higher education, K-12 education, health care, and more. Whether you’ve just started your career, are in a mid-level role, or are a department head, GFA is sure to inspire personal development.

3. Get a sneak-peek into upcoming fundraising, video, and engagement technology

As industry leaders in digital fundraising, video, AI, and engagement technology, Graduway and Gravyty services are built from the ground up to unleash the power of your community. GFA is a great opportunity to learn more about this technology and how it can help your organization scale its efforts, from recruitment and mentoring to alumni engagement and donor cultivation.

4. Hear directly from VPs about emerging fundraising trends

Wondering how best to engage prospects after Giving Day? The latest ways to create and measure email and social media engagement? At GFA, you’ll learn about the latest trends and best practices—directly from industry-leading VPs. From ways to create and measure email and social media engagement to enhancing internal efficiencies to promote increased engagement and philanthropy, GFA has you covered.

5. Win a $5,000 donation in your name to the foundation or nonprofit of your choice

Fundraising is about giving. In that spirit, Graduway + Gravyty is giving one lucky GFA attendee a $5,000 USD donation in their name to the foundation or nonprofit organization of their choice. Five other lucky attendees will receive Graduway swag bags. Register now and we’ll see you May 17-18 for Graduway + Gravyty Fundraising Academy!

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