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digital member communities

  • Scholarship recipients and employee alumni
  • Member, volunteer and donor cultivation
  • Professional development and mentoring
  • Employee engagement

Take Your Organization's Community Engagement Virtual

Make the move from physical to digital with a virtual platform that engages your members, volunteers or employees anytime, anywhere. With our video-first platform, your community can have access to a state-of-the-art virtual networking experience with a personalized feed, a directory to connect with their peers and virtual events, all in one place.

Build a Thriving Community of Mentors at Scale

Invest in the fulfillment and achievements of your community by developing a culture of mentorship. Empower your network with exclusive access to highly valuable personal and professional guidance. Access a powerful suite of tools to easily facilitate casual mentoring relationships or automate relevant mentor matching at scale, while building comprehensive programs with detailed milestones to improve outcomes.

Drive Your Organization's Diversity, Equity + Inclusion

Give your community access to a diverse and willing network of exclusive professional connections to ensure a more equitable playing field. Promote inward DEI through organizational culture content and outward DEI by highlighting and reinforcing company values.

Prove Success + ROI with Analytics

Community is built with your members in mind. See the impact of user engagement on your organization’s strategy and mission with smart analytics dashboards and surveys. Dive into key performance indicators like engagement metrics, willingness to give, job post success and virtual chat usage. Explore deeper insights through a custom Google Analytics account. Supplement analytics reporting with surveys to better understand member sentiment.

Highlight Community Members' Initiatives

People are motivated by seeing the success of their peers. Showcase community members’ businesses and achievements to drive engagement and morale. Provide your members with opportunities through networking with the larger community.  

Increase Employee Retention + Maintain Connections

Recruiting good candidates is one of the most challenging tasks for any organization. Community allows you to publish open positions to your former employees, allowing you to get talent referrals or even hire them back. Be in touch with your alumni and keep track of their activities. The Community platform opens up opportunities for you and your alumni, whether they are developing new expertise, working at another organization or running their own business.


We’ve got your back: Launching + managing your online community made easy

Join us for a deeper look into how our dedicated implementation & optimization team works as an extension of your organization and takes the “scary” out of starting an online community.


Why partner with Graduway?

Deciding on the right community platform provider for your institution can be challenging. Download this guide today to learn how Graduway clients onboard and launch successful alumni community platforms.


An outside-the-box solution to support a nonprofit’s community

FourBlock is a non-profit organization with a community of veterans and employers dedicated to helping veterans make career transitions into the professional world.
They decided to look for an outside-the-box solution and found that Graduway met their needs to support their community. Watch to learn more.


Showcasing success: EDF Climate Corps

EDF Climate Corps is a first-of-its-kind fellowship program that brings together an arsenal
of top talent, resources and expertise in a variety of subject matters and industries to help
organizations meet their climate and energy goals.