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Take Your Alumni Engagement Virtual

Make the move from physical to digital with a virtual platform that engages your alumni anytime, anywhere. With our video-first platform your community can have access to a state-of-the-art virtual networking experience with a personalized feed, a directory to connect with their peers and virtual events, all in one place.

Drive DEI in Alumni Engagement

Give all your alumni access to a diverse and willing network of exclusive professional connections to ensure a more equitable playing field. Offer networking connections to a diverse community to break down barriers and extend equal opportunities for all.

Support Community and Alumni Businesses

Showcase your community & alumni businesses to support them with a dedicated space to easily highlight their businesses. Promote your corporate sponsors and donor-run companies within your exclusive network and offer exclusive offers and benefits for your students and alumni.

Provide Virtual Alumni Mentoring

Access a suite of tools to automate matching and provide career opportunities for your constituents for career advice, professional guidance, mentoring options and exclusive access to jobs and internships. With the power of real-time video networking, it’s never been easier for your alumni to leverage their digital network for connections and opportunities.

Case Study

Brentwood College School

Hear from Brentwood College School’s Alumni Relations Manager, Amy Weinberg on how they leveraged technology to launch a mentorship program for their high school students.


Engaging Alumni in the DEI Conversation: The TCU Story

Texas Christian University shares their approach to DEI in alumni engagement and how they have transitioned from discussion to action and how they utilized technology to advance their action plan.

Case Study

UCLA - Launching Programming to Uplift and Support Alumni During the Pandemic

Julie Sina, Associate Vice Chancellor Alumni Affairs and CFO, UCLA, shares how UCLA is touching the lives of 40,000+ through their digital network.


Trends in Advancement in a Changing World - Virtual Engagement, Fundraising and Diversity

Sue Cunningham, CASE President and CEO and Graduway CEO tackle the current trends within the world of advancement including social distancing and the switch to virtual engagement, diversity, equity and inclusion efforts and new fundraising outlooks and approaches.

Case Study

Texas Christian University – An Integrated Campus Approach

Hear from Texas Christian University’s Associate Vice Chancellor, Amanda Stallings and Associate Director of Alumni Relations, Brooke Shuman on how they leveraged technology to support their community virtually in an ever changing world.


From Physical to Digital
Technology Mapping to Adapt to Changing Times

As the focus of alumni engagement transitions from physical to virtual, Tod A. Burnett from Brandman University and Barney Ellis-Perry deep dive into the benefits of digital mapping to save money, time and human resources.

Case Study

Embracing Change, the Rice University Story

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, April Cole and Alexa Schwartz from Rice University has completely and successfully pivoted its engagement activities to fit the new digital reality.


The Case for Alumni Networking Platforms

Now more than ever, it is critical that schools find compelling reasons to engage their alumni. From students and all the way up to major gift donors, the school needs to provide value that they simply cannot get elsewhere.

Case Study

Hult International Business School - Impacting A Global Alumni Community

As the focus of alumni engagement transitions from physical to virtual, Tod A. Burnett from Brandman University and Barney Ellis-Perry deep dive into the benefits of digital mapping to save money, time and human resources.


The Definitive Guide to Measuring Alumni Engagement

Measuring Return on Engagement (ROE) is a first necessary step to moving the needle on alumni relations, and a mandatory building block to construct successful alumni outreach programs that make a mark on ROI.

  • Amplify Your #1 Recruitment Channel – Word of Mouth
  • Save Time & Streamline Your Ambassador Program
  • Help Admitted Families Feel Special & Welcomed
  • Highlight Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Within Your Community