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ambassador programs

  • Amplify Your #1 Recruitment Channel – Word of Mouth
  • Save Time & Streamline Your Ambassador Program
  • Help Admitted Families Feel Special & Welcomed
  • Highlight Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Within Your Community 

Amplify Your #1 Recruitment Channel - Word of Mouth

Connect prospective students and parents with a community of student, alumni, faculty, and parent ambassadors willing to answer questions in real-time. Send personalized communications through emails, calls, and video.

Save Time & Streamline YOUR Ambassador Program

Access and update ambassador profiles at scale. Track and measure peer-to-peer outreach and impact. Request specific ambassador outreach, approve video messages, and ensure connections are made in a timely manner.

Help Admitted Families Feel Special & Welcomed

Empower your passionate network of ambassadors to engage with prospective parents and students through personalized digital messages, and powerful video greetings. Continue your meaningful connections along the entire admissions lifecycle — prospective, applicant, admitted, enrolled, and matriculated.

Highlight Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion within Your Community

Appropriate representation is a key factor during the research process and application decision. Make inclusion a hallmark of your institution by empowering prospective students and families to connect with your ambassadors on a familiar and personal level. Support initiatives surrounding diversity and extracurricular interests by inviting individuals from all backgrounds to represent your community.


Admission 101 Guide: A Guide for Admission Departments

The admission space is about ensuring that an organization gathers the right community with shared values at scale.


The Future of Admission: Scaling Personalized & Authentic Relationships

Our guest panelist from Phillips Exeter Academy will discuss the changes in admission that have taken place by leveraging virtual relationships in order to digitally welcome newly admitted students & families.


Word-of-Mouth, Authenticity and Diversity: Leveraging Parents as Ambassadors for Admission at Scale

Our guest panelist, Nija Meyer, Vice President for Enrollment Management at Woodward Academy, will share the story of how and why she created a scalable system to amplify their number one recruiting channel – word-of-mouth. 


Building a Successful Ambassador Program

PeerPal from Graduway helps improve recruitment and enrollment numbers by enabling your community to share their experiences first-hand with prospects at scale.

Case Study

Using PeerPal for School Admissions, Learnings and Advice from The Archer School for Girls


All you need to know about maximizing your yield season:

Increasing your yield can become easier by following a few steps. You can efficiently leverage your ambassador program throughout the admission and enrollment cycle. This can save you time and resources while improving results.