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January Industry Roundup – Career Services

January Industry Roundup – Career Services

How likely are alumni to find a job in COVID afflicted 2021? And what kind of jobs may be hiding in the most unexpected places? We’ve rounded up the latest in Career Services for the year to come.

How to Break into a New Industry in 2021
Asking the “job doc” about this strange hiring season and how to land a job in this new reality of Zoom interviews and remote internships. Read More >>

What’s the job outlook for graduates?
While the pandemic is spelling out unemployment for many, Career Services professionals are claiming some alumni are at a distinct advantage. Students in the essential services are forging careers. Read More >>

What is Wall Street? Inquiring Minds Want to Know
A look at what other career opportunities are available on “the street” for your students besides investment banking. You’d be surprised. Read More >>

Your 2021 Reading List
Check out our 2021 reading and watching recommendations around the most discussed topics today. Read More >>

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