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February Industry Roundup – Alumni Relations

February Industry Roundup – Alumni Relations

This month we’re bringing you the top stories from around the web about the national preparations for Black History Month, the Biden Office priorities for the education sector, and how virtual communication is still shaping student experiences.

Martin Luther King III Booked for Black History Month
Martin Luther King III marked the start of Black History Month in a powerful address at the Carleton University SOAR Leadership Conference. Read More >>

Biden’s Education Secretary Will Make Student Debt Relief “a Priority”
Last year, American federal student loan debt reached an all-time high, nearing $1.6 trillion, student loan borrowers owe $200-$299 every month, see how Miguel Cardona intends to deal with this issue. Read More >>

Coronavirus Pandemic May Just Make it Easier to Get into College
Amid the pandemic many have decided to postpone college rather than start their education online. As a result, colleges are well below their enrollment numbers for the 2020-2021 and getting in just got that much easier. Read More >>

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