Alumni Relations – Don’t Compete, Collaborate!

One of the most unique characteristics about alumni relations professionals is their willingness to share best practice among each other. In fact, I cannot think of another industry which demonstrates this amazing quality to such a high level.

Is There A Self-Esteem Issue in Alumni Relations?

Despite the somewhat provocative title to this blog, I think there is an issue in the alumni relations profession that is rarely spoken about; low self-esteem.

The Perfect Alumni Communications

Schools conduct ‘campaigns’ aimed at their alumni all the time. Yet it may sound obvious but have you ever put yourself in the ‘receiving shoes’ of those alumni? What would be the perfect Alumni communications?

Alumni Networks: How Higher Education Disruption Can Be Avoided

This blog will be discussing how despite signs signalling otherwise, higher education disruption can be avoided in the industry.  I hear it all the time.  Higher education is ripe for disruption. I have seen the worried looks of deans and vice-chancellors at conference after conference, many at a loss as how best to compete with the […]

Engaging Alumni: Rethinking Alumni Relations for Seniors

This blog will discuss and analyse the changing priorities of Alumni Relations for Seniors.  The world of education is facing a number of demographic changes. I recently wrote about the growth of alumni from emerging markets such as China and the opportunity this presents to schools.

Is The Alumni Relations Profession Being Hijacked?

Every now and again one comes across something so profound that you must implore your colleagues in the alumni profession to to see and hear it for themselves.

Alumni Relations Trends: Alumni Relations In 2025

I am delighted to share with you the panel discussion at the recent Global Leaders Summit that discussed alumni relations trends and  and the threats and opportunities facing the industry.

What Are You Going To STOP Doing In Your Alumni Relations?

The classic ‘Stop, Start or Continue’ dilemma to improve alumni relations.

Learning from McKinsey & Goldman Sachs’ Alumni Relations Programs

When it comes to Alumni Relations programs, it is always insightful to compare and contrast what you are doing in comparison to other schools’ programs. At the recent Global Leaders Summit (GLS) held at Oxford University, we had the privilege of taking benchmarking to a new level by learning and re-applying from the for-profit sector to […]

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