Snapchat’s $24M Lesson For Alumni Relations Best Practices

Snapchat’s $24M Lesson, You may well have read about Snapchat’s IPO last week that raised billions of dollars. What you may have missed in the news is a fascinating story on how Saint Francis High School in Mountain View, California, made $24 million from the Snapchat IPO. About 5 years ago, a parent of two students at […]

What Can P&G Teach Us About Alumni Relations?

I left Procter & Gamble almost a decade ago, but the two basic rules of branding have stayed with me ever since. Firstly, the need to segment your consumers. Secondly, to provide a differentiated value proposition based upon that segmentation. How can we impliment Alumni Relations tricks from P&G.

Alumni Networking Tips: A Lesson from Ross and Chandler

I recently stumbled across an old ‘Friends’ episode which is super relevant for anyone running or thinking about alumni networks and would like a few alumni networking tips.

Alumni Relations Budgets: We Can’t Afford It. Really?

Running an Alumni Association or Alumni Relations Department is all about making tough choices – where do you invest your limited resources to have the biggest impact?  In essence, your Alumni Relations budgets.

Alumni Relations Best Practices in 2020. Are You Ready?

I had the privilege of hearing an insightful panel discussion on the future of alumni relations best practices at the Graduway Global Leaders Summit, held at the Said Business School, Oxford University. The panel was chaired by Rob Curtis, Vice President of Graduway and focused on the biggest alumni trends and alumni relations best practices. 

Successful Alumni Relations Best Practices

A new year, a new chance for everyone working in the world of education to take their alumni interactions up a level or two and implement a successful alumni relations strategy. But where to start?

Alumni Relations Best Practices: Disgruntled Alumni?

Unhappy customers are bad for business, every business. If Graduates are unhappy after college, that makes unhappy customers.

Alumni Relations Best Practices: The Death of Email for Life

For me, ’email for life’ is a symbol of how an education institution can become irrelevant to their alumni community.

Leveraging the Power of Instagram

This blog will cover some of my thoughts regarding alumni social media engagement. I consider myself an expert user of LinkedIn.  I also regularly use Facebook and Twitter. However when it comes to Instagram, I must confess to being a little ignorant.

2 Golden Rules To ‘Get Through’ To Your Alumni

This blog will discuss my golden rules of ‘getting through’ to your alumni. I sometimes feel we are over-complicating this whole alumni thing and it doesn’t have to be. We are getting very sophisticated – accumulating lots of data, investing in hiring people, new IT systems, working extremely hard.  In short we are throwing lots […]