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Engaging Alumni: How Much Would You Pay To Be An Alum?

Engaging Alumni: How Much Would You Pay To Be An Alum?

Try asking your alumni relations team the following question. Hypothetically, how much would an average alum be willing to pay to be an alum of your school and how much does an alumni value being part of that school?

Quantifying the value of engaging alumni

I know it is a question that most alumni relations professionals might be uncomfortable to answer as it over-simplifies what they do.

But its over-simplification is a key reason why I think it is a great question.  It begins to help education institutions understand their unique alumni value proposition and how they are engaging alumni.

It begins to help prioritize activities and spending; to identify what you should continue to do, what you should start doing and even more critically what you need to stop doing.

Let me throw some numbers around to demonstrate my point.

Email for life?  Nice, but probably $1.

Quarterly magazine? Cute, but probably $2.

Access to an exclusive alumni network that can help me progress professionally.  Now you are talking!  This is engaging alumni and adding real value.

Sometimes the path to real change is not the answers, but simply asking the right question.

Are you brave enough to take the ‘how much would your alumni pay’ challenge?

I would welcome your thoughts on engaging alumni. 

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