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What is diversity, equity + inclusion?

What is diversity, equity + inclusion?

Equity, diversity, and inclusion create a welcoming environment for all people.

Diversity is celebrating differences between people and recognizing that everyone has different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives, which strengthens us as a community.

Equity ensures everyone in our community has equal access to the same opportunities regardless of their background or circumstances.

Inclusion guarantees everyone feels like they belong and no one is excluded or marginalized because of their identities or values.

What can alumni relations + career services offices do to support them?

DEI refers to the belief that everyone deserves equal access to opportunities regardless of their identity. This includes race, gender identity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, and age. By supporting DEI in your office, you’re working towards an environment where people feel safe and welcome no matter – who they are or where they come from.

What questions should career services departments be asking themselves to improve?


Look at your services honestly and consider: 

  • Which students are seeking out mentors, and which are hanging back? 
  • Are there students who were not taught how to access these services effectively? 
  • Is there culture or language barriers preventing students from accessing career services?
  • How does parental support or lack thereof affect whether students access the services?
  • Are low-income students intimidated? 
  • How are immigrants (and those fearing deportation) behaving around your services?

How can institutions formulate + communicate their EDI values?


Include a diversity and inclusion statement on your career service’s website and social media accounts. Making a clear statement about your values will assure students and alumni of your position regarding EDI and ensure that all populations feel safe and welcome!

There are many ways your office can exhibit EDI values without even realizing it. We highly recommend you look at our recent EDI guide: 8 steps to support equity, diversity + inclusion in career services + alumni relations.

Partnering with Hassan Akmal, Executive Director of the Career Center at the University of California San Diego, and Riley Jones, President of the Black Alumni Council of Columbia University – we gathered industry insights and tips on this critical topic.

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