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Online Alumni Networks – An Understanding

Online Alumni Networks – An Understanding

In this blog I will be discussing online alumni networks and illuminating some of Graduway’s independent research.  

Have you ever wondered which type of alumni are the best at online alumni networking?

Are men more active at alumni networking than women, or the other way around?  And which groups are most active in online alumni networks?

Well Graduway, the leading provider of online alumni networks, can provide some insights to these questions.

online alumni networks

Graduway  has since the beginning of 2014 analyzed the on-line alumni networking behavior of more than 34,000 active alumni across 141 separate online alumni networks and covering 40+ countries.


Their findings are very insightful:

1.  Gender – More men, but women are more active

  • You might have expected men and women to have equal representation in these alumni networks. However, there is a small bias in favor of men.  Male alumni make up 56% of alumni networks versus 44% who are female.
  • However, women spend an average of 22 more seconds in an alumni network per session than men:- 215 seconds vs 193 seconds. This is despite both having the same number of average sessions on the platform at 1.7 sessions.
  • Future analysis will seek to understand the correlation between gender and specific engagement acts on the platform.

 2.  Age – Younger you are, the more time you spend in the network

  • Generally, both in terms of the number of times you sign-in to the platforms, as well as the time per session, the younger you are, the more time you spend in the alumni network.
  • The age group that spends the most number of sign-ins and overall duration in an alumni network is the 25-34 age bracket. (1.8 times and 2:39 minutes)
  • Surprisingly 31% of the population of the alumni network is over 45 years old so alumni networks are still a multi-generational.


I hope these findings were insightful and interesting and I would welcome your thoughts.

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