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Alumni Relations Trends: Alumni Relations In 2025

Alumni Relations Trends: Alumni Relations In 2025

I am delighted to share with you the panel discussion at the recent Global Leaders Summit that discussed alumni relations trends and  and the threats and opportunities facing the industry.

The distinguished panel consisted of:

  • Ken Keefer, Director Enterprise Sales at Blackbaud
  • James Davis, Head of Alumni Relations at UCL
  • Carolyn Wever, Director of Alumni Relations and Development at the University of Amsterdam
  • Charles Hardy, Education Engagement Lead EMEA, LinkedIn
  • Eva Kubu, Director of Career Services, Princeton University
  • Jeffrey Schanz, Assistant Vice President, Institute Advancement, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
  • Julia Sanchez, Head of Global Alumni Relations at IE Business School

To watch the full coverage of the discussion, please click as follows:



Let me summarize the key issues and alumni trends covered and where you can find them in the recording:

  • How to best manage the continued growth in international alumni? (beginning)
  • Could Alumni Career Services be the new focus of our function? (31 mins)
  • What is the value proposition that we will need to offer our alumni of the future? (46 mins)
  • What will be the most significant differences in alumni relations in 2025? (1 hour 12 mins)

What do you believe will be the biggest alumni trends and issues affecting our industry in 2025?

I would welcome your thoughts.


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