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The Value of Engaging Your Young Alumni

The Value of Engaging Your Young Alumni

This blog is based upon an interview with Chris Marshall and an interesting discussion we had in regards to the true value of engaging your young alumni and newly graduated students. Chris currently serves as President of Graduway North America after years as an alumni engagement consultant and working with over 100 top clients on boosting their alumni engagement.

Class reunions are traditional and commonplace. They are also effective.

They enable alumni to catch up and re-connect with their alma mater. They also provide an additional – and powerful – benefit. They give people the opportunity to network and advance their careers.

What better way to demonstrate the value of mentoring to alumni?

If alumni are to become your institution’s mentors, they should not only be engaged and emotionally connected, they should also see the added value that mentoring can bring to their own careers.

Why Target Young Alumni?

Young alumni are engaged with their alma mater and are often passionate about recruiting more students. So, use this energy! Young alumni should be seen as Admissions Ambassadors, helping to help recruit high school students to come to your University or institution.

What we find when we look at institutions that do this kind of admissions activity is not surprising. Their alumni volunteer rates are very high, the likelihood that these alumni will attend events is also very high, as is the chance of them becoming donors – three very important wins.

Careers Offices should also engage young alumni. They understand the type of person who comes out of your institution, and they are proud to be connected to their alma mater, so they should be encouraged to recruit your current graduating class.

Whether it’s recruiting younger students to your institution or professionally recruiting your graduating students, make sure to engage your young alumni!

I would welcome your thoughts.

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