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The Future of Mentoring

The Future of Mentoring


What will mentoring the future of mentoring look like?

Let me share 8 possible predictions:

  1. For the Many and not the Few

The first and most obvious observation is that mentoring will cease to be a small and exclusive subset of a student body. Mentoring for the masses is an irresistible trend for those institutions that want to stay relevant.

  1. Student-Alum vs. Alum-Alum Mentoring

Second is the expansion of mentoring from a purely student-alum pasttime to becoming a core part of the wider alumni network. The future of mentoring will be that one person can be both a mentor and a mentee! Mentoring is for life and schools needs to support this.

  1. Technology Enabled

No longer will matching be manually done. Career Services will facilitate large scale mentoring by leveraging mentoring and alumni networking software.

  1. Social as well as Professional

The definition of mentoring will broaden from the primary focus today of a strong professional bias to a much broader definition. Lifetime outcomes for students are not just career based but are much broader than that, including the full breadth of social interactions.

5. Facilitated rather than Controlled

Mentoring relationships will be less controlled by the central Career Services department. Their role will shift from micro-managing to enabling and facilitating mentoring. There may well be less control over the mentoring, but its overall impact will be greater.

  1. Heavy vs. Light Mentoring

Mentoring relationships will no longer have to be this deep, long-term, heavy commitment and will be much more flexible, lighter and more spontaneous. Yes, there will still be a place for long-term, deep mentoring relationships, but these will be the minority. Flash mentoring is the future!

  1. Mentoring as a Critical KPI

Mentoring will cease to be a ‘nice to have’ and will become a core metric that the leadership of every education institution tracks and seeks to improve.

  1. Mentoring Ownership

The mentoring relationship will cease to be owned by either the Career Services or Alumni Relations department but will be owned by one department which will be established to cover


What do you think the future of mentoring will look like?

I would welcome your thoughts.

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