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Alumni Career Services: Your School’s ‘Social Media Day’?

Alumni Career Services: Your School’s ‘Social Media Day’?

At the most recent Global Leaders Summit, I had the privilege of hearing four world-class speakers present break-through ideas.  Each idea was driven by technology and social media, and impacted alumni relations, alumni career services, or the advancement world in general.

You can watch the four talks in full below but this week I am focusing on Eva Kubu, who is Director of Princeton University Career Services and spoke about her recent ‘Social Media Day’ (minutes 42-55)



‘Social Media Day’ I believe is an inspiring idea that every education institution could implement irrespective of their size.  It is particularly relevant for those involved with alumni career services or simply wanting to learn from alumni relations best practices.

In her talk, Eva outlines how Princeton University initiated a cross campus initiative called ‘Social Media Day’ to inspire students, alumni and faculty to better leverage social media both personally and professionally. In short to take all of their social media efforts to a new height.

The day included appointments with social media ‘doctors’, profile photo shoots and talks from inspiring alumni – all focused on how to leverage social media to learn, share and connect better.

Princeton were also able to specifically measure the outcomes of the day including metrics on the number of new tools or tactics learnt, improved career profiles, expanded knowledge of a new social platform, greater awareness of digital identity, increased confidence, greater understanding of using social media in different industries and making new connections.

Eva explained how ‘Social Media Day’ can be a major piece in the overall strategy of transforming alumni career services from a ‘menu of services’ model to a ‘career connection’ model.

Princeton University within 24 hours of this concerted social media effort were able to literally reach millions of people.

Inspired? Hard not to be.

Well what is stopping you?

I believe the time has come for every school to consider running their own ‘Social Media Day’.

I would welcome your thoughts.

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