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Career Services for Alumni: Does Your School Pass The Red Socks Test?

Career Services for Alumni: Does Your School Pass The Red Socks Test?

This blog will be analyzing the state of career services for alumni by looking at a brilliant commercial from the University of Phoenix. 

The University of Phoenix aired this slick commercial some time ago. It’s brilliant in many ways. Concise. Clear. Catchy.

Schools often focus on connecting students with alumni whether for alumni mentoring or general alumni networking. This is one of the best examples I have seen of a school leveraging the connection between prospective students and alumni by promoting the power of alumni networks. It all starts with the red socks test. Take a look for yourself.



Having watched the commercial, I think there is a two-part test that arises. Lets see how your school scores on this ‘Red Socks’ test.

1. Do you have a clear return on investment rationale for prospective students?

It doesn’t matter how famous your institution is, prospective students and their parents will want to hear a clear case that making this significant investment in their education is going to pay out.  In particular they want to see both career services for alumni and the facilitation of robust alumni networking.

2. Are you leveraging sufficiently with prospective students, the desirability of joining your alumni network?

Every school has the ability to make its brand feel more exclusive, trusted and yes desired. This should be a critical component of your admissions strategy.

Every school should be utilizing its alumni in the recruitment of new students. This is not limited to involving them in the interviewing and screening process. More importantly its about building an exclusive and trusted brand which can only be done through the full partnership of your alumni.

Alumni networks are a critical part of both career services for alumni and your offering to perspective and current students in joining this exclusive partnership.


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