Unleash the power of your fundraisers

  • Optimize qualification and primary portfolios
  • Personalize stewardship at scale
  • Create tailored messaging for volunteer ambassadors
  • Automate donor activities into the CRM
  • Improve and streamline gift officer analytics

first draft

The first Artificial Intelligence powered email for frontline fundraisers!

Identify the donors and prospects you need to contact each day and receive a tailored email draft to send them. Our AI-powered technology evaluates and adopts your writing tone and style and evolves over time.

gravyty guide

Your weekly personalized Moves Management guide!

Determine who to solicit with machine-learning determined ask amounts and who to qualify, cultivate, or steward.


Create personal gratitude messaging at scale.

Align giving society messaging, automatically notify gift officers for opportunities to move donors to the next giving society, and uniquely steward donors with messaging that resonates with them!

Email integration

Giving fundraisers a lens into donor engagement.

Record both a fundraiser’s initial email and the subsequent email communication with donors directly in your CRM. This information is infused into future First Draft emails, ensuring that all outreach is accurate and impactful.

Connect +

Create a donor journey for first-time donors!

Whether you’re starting a capital campaign, launching a crowdfunding initiative, or finishing a successful giving day, donor retention is key when creating a pipeline.

gravyty go

When travel is an option, meet donors and your top prospects with inclination and capacity.

Gravyty Go, automatically receive recommendations of which donors and prospects to visit based on demographics and location-based data, including city and region.


Rethinking Mentorship in a Pandemic World

Now more than ever, mentorship programs are being called on to offer much needed career guidance and to open doors to job opportunities.

Case Study

Mentoring First

“We really wanted to create a program that was easy not only for our students and alumni but also for us as staff to manage and be able to have those meaningful connections.” – Zach Driver, University of South Carolina


How One Non Profit is Bridging the Gap for Students in Need

Following the outbreak of the pandemic, InvestED saw a growing need for timely relief among minority groups and sprung into action. Read about how our partners at InvestEd are providing all of their constituents with the support they need.


The Case for Digital Career Communities

Explore how the move to digital services has revolutionized career centers and ultimately improved career outcomes.


How to Launch a Successful Virtual Alumni Mentoring Program

How do we ensure we can provide a scalable program that offers the right opportunities for the right people, at the right time, providing the highest value to the mentee?


Mentoring In The Age Of Social Distancing

In campuses nationwide, eyes are turned to career offices to see what mentoring programs they pull out of their proverbial hats to remedy the dire employment situation and help the hemorrhaging class of 2020.


The Case for Student Athletes Networking Platforms

Delve into the ambassadorship, gifting and mentoring potential of student athletes and explore practical ways to tailor engagement tactics to this demographic.

Case Study

Mentoring on Scale, Guiding to Success

“The most essential element for us was the peer mentoring capabilities and the ability to use their connected community users to give and receive relevant college, career and professional advice via the mentoring hub.” – Jillian Hasner, Take Stock in Children


The Mentoring Revolution

A special report highlighting the key issues facing career service and alumni relations professionals looking to scale their mentoring.


Career Ecosystems Post-Pandemic: What You Will Need Virtually to Succeed

The esteemed panel from UCLA, Northeastern University, Rotman School of Management, Unviersity of Toronto, University of South Carolina, and WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management, tackle these topics.

Case Study

Reimagining Mentoring During COVID-19

“We had an in-person mentoring event scheduled that we had to cancel but we really wanted to offer our alumni the opportunity for our alumni to connect during lockdown… so we did some testing and we came up with “King’s Connect Live: A Virtual Mentoring Event.” – Abi Miccalef, King’s College London


How to Prepare Your Students for College & Career Success

How can you leverage the digital world and your community to provide the right kind of college and career guidance and internship opportunities that really open doors for your students?


Redefining Career Centers for 2020

Times are changing and the traditional concept of career centers is no longer effective. It’s time to innovate and reinvent your career centers into new “hubs” of connectivity in order to stay relevant for your students and alumni.

Case Study

The Student-Athlete Development Department is a one-person team tasked with successfully transitioning all current and former student-athlete into the workforce. Explore how Kent State Athletics partnered with Graduway to better leverage their time and resources.