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A Powerful New Way to Increase Engagement & Show Appreciation

A Powerful New Way to Increase Engagement & Show Appreciation

It’s a new year and our product team is proud to announce a huge new feature to further empower and engage your community: Community Member Badges are now available on the GradEngage platform!

Looking to increase engagement on your platform? 

We’re thrilled to release our new Community Member Badges feature, which will help increase engagement on your platform in a fun and rewarding way (with a touch of friendly competition).

Motivate, reward, and recognize your community members with badges.

With this new feature, administrators easily can create custom badges with parameters designed to amplify activity on their platforms, allowing members to earn unique flair for their profiles. Plus, celebratory pop-ups appear once a badge is earned, and all badges are prominently displayed on community member profiles. These achievements can be easily shared on the most popular social media channels, extending awareness beyond the platform.

While there are many different options available, common badge types include: Contributor, Mentor, Ambassador, Volunteer, and Donor. And, tooltips built into the platform provide real-time education and motivation for community members.

Boost engagement with the power of gamification.

With the amount of distractions vying for our attention in 2022, giving your community members a reason to meaningfully engage with your platform is more important than ever. Set goals for your community members, encouraging them to post content, answer questions, and increase interactions with one another.

Want to learn more about GradEngage and increase your community engagement?

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