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Nija Meyer from Woodward Academy’s Top Tips for using the PeerPal ambassador platform

Nija Meyer from Woodward Academy’s Top Tips for using the PeerPal ambassador platform

Learn and discover how Woodward Academy utilized the PeerPal platform to engage prospects and increase their enrollment. Nija Meyer, Vice President for Enrollment Management shares her personal tips from using the platform and ways it has helped them with their enrollment. PeerPal provides tools for your website such as chat widgets, landing pages, and a robust ambassador management system, as well as the ability to connect prospects with members of your community.

1. Millennials make decisions based on authenticity.

“90% of Millennials make decisions based on authenticity. So if authenticity is what they really want to see, then word of mouth is just going to enhance that even more. We realized that we have got to make sure that we have some sort of a platform upon which our families who are looking at Woodward can engage with other families in those authentic word of mouth conversations” 

2. 10 ambassadors is the sweet spot for diversity without too much to scroll through.

“We have 10 Ambassadors that we decided to highlight on our website. I like that number because it’s wide enough for Woodward, for a prospective family to be able to kind of quickly go through and say, ‘oh, I’d be interested in talking to this person and this person’. But, it’s also not so overwhelming” 

3. Diversity of ambassadors should include geography, years at school, number of kids at school, race, where the family was from originally.

“Part of who Woodward is, is that deep respect for difference. With 56% students of color, we want a sense of inclusion and belonging and that every student voice feels like it has been heard and that it is valued. We have spent a lot of time choosing ambassadors that, first of all, represented the diversity that we’re talking about.
We have ambassadors that come from different parts of Atlanta. At Woodward Academy, we draw from over 100 zip codes and 23 metro Atlanta counties”

4. PeerPal feedback forms are key.

“Financial aid is a good example for feedback forms. When a prospective family reaches out to parent ambassadors that happen to be on financial aid, they could share information about the process and how easy it was, and what to expect. And if they’re not on financial aid, when they give us the feedback form, they tell us ‘this family has questions about financial aid, you may want to reach out to them’. So, that’s something that I think is worth pointing out, that we really value the feedback forms that we get through the PeerPal platforms”

5. Analytics will show you return on investment.

“I think it is very important to have analytics for all of our marketing efforts in order to learn what works. Knowing how much money you spend, the return that you are getting, the engagement on the platform and at the end the enrollments that result from it. Basically understanding the full cycle with clear data and analytics”

Want to learn more about how to utilize an ambassador program to improve your enrollment? Book a demo today.

About Nija Meyer:

  • Vice President for Enrollment Management
  • B.B.A., Emory University
  • M.B.A., Harvard University

Nija Majmudar Meyer joined Woodward in August 2014 to lead the Academy’s marketing and communications efforts and was promoted to Vice President for Strategic Marketing and Communications in February 2016. In October 2017, her duties expanded to include Admissions and Financial Aid when she was named the Academy’s Vice President for Enrollment Management.

Ms. Meyer and her husband are parents to two Woodward Academy alumni who began their journey in pre-K and graduated as Vintage Eagles in 2019 and 2021, respectively.

About Woodward Academy:

Woodward Academy is a Pre-K to 12 school in Atlanta, GA.

  • 2,525 students 
  • 133 acres
  • 2 campuses in Metro Atlanta
  • 6 : 1 student-to-teacher ratio
  • 10,000 Alumni
  • Families from more than 20 metro Atlanta counties

At Woodward, they believe in bringing together students from diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences, creating a richer learning community and exceptional academic opportunities. They offer opportunities in academics, the arts, and athletics, as well as prolific co-curricular opportunities. They put an emphasis on service learning which prepares students to become engaged and giving citizens of the world.

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