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March Industry Roundup – Development

March Industry Roundup – Development

With the pandemic still very much a part of college fundraising realities, Development offices continue their search for effective digital fundraising solutions. A roundup of the latest projections and fresh ideas for fundraising in 2021.

A New Era In Virtual Engagement
Discover the individuals and teams whose activities stood out in supporting their community despite the hurdles that 2020 presented. Read More >>

College Financial Grades 2021: Will Your Alma Mater Survive COVID-19?
Top colleges can hold their breath for 10 or 20 years and will probably pull through their economic rut. But many institutions can’t hold their deficits for longer than a year. Read More >>

Dance Marathon Raises $1.4 million
Despite the challenges of being all online, a Dance Marathon with a mere 27 participants raised $1.4 million. Read More >>

College Fundraising Flattens in Another Blow From Pandemic
Charitable giving to U.S. colleges fell flat last year as the pandemic upended another aspect of higher education, but what lies ahead in years to come? Read More >>

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