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March Industry Roundup – Career Services

March Industry Roundup – Career Services

With the pandemic still very much a part of our lives and campus experience, Career Services offices are coming up with fresh new ideas to help graduates make their way into the workforce in this economy. A roundup of the latest initiatives and prospects in career development from colleges nationwide.

A New Era In Virtual Engagement
Discover the individuals and teams whose activities stood out in supporting their community despite the hurdles that 2020 presented. Read More >>

University Career Services Extends Help to Graduates But is Losing Staff
University Career Services is offering seniors up to 1 year of help after graduation, a 6 month extension from its normal duration, due to the pandemic. Read More >>

College Students Turning to Nonprofits for Valuable Intern Opportunities
Careers offices are turning to a new initiative, pairing students with local nonprofit organizations for internships opportunities when first jobs out of colleges are harder to land. Read More >>

9 of 10 Grads Report Being Employed Six Months After Graduation
Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, 9of every 10 grads report being employed, pursuing a graduate degree or participating in a service program. Read More >>

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