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March Industry Roundup – Alumni Relations

March Industry Roundup – Alumni Relations

Now that Alumni Relations offices are operating almost fully digitally, what new ideas are they coming up with to ramp up engagement? And how are they measuring their success? We’ve rounded up the latest hot reads from Alumni Relations.

A New Era In Virtual Engagement
Discover the individuals and teams whose activities stood out in supporting their community despite the hurdles that 2020 presented. Read More >>

Colleges Should Build Their Own Platform Instead of Relying on Facebook
It’s time for higher education institutions to reclaim the real estate that was once theirs and build their own digital platforms. Read More >>

From IRL to URL: Alumni Engagement in a Virtual World
After announcing the cancellation of all in-person events, universities have been seeking new virtual programming that will meaningfully address the needs of alumni rather than add to the already growing digital noise. Read More >>

Alumni Relations Shift Focus to Online Programming
Alumni Relations offices are turning to new methods such as webinars, podcasts & livestreams to boost alumni engagement across digital platforms. Read More >>

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