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January Industry Roundup – Development

January Industry Roundup – Development

2020 was an unprecedented year for fundraisers filled with ups and downs, dwindling budgets and a surge of charitability. Looking to 2021, we’ve rounded up the most interesting insights and forecasts for fundraising ‘21.

College Fundraisers Brace for Declines in 2020 and 2021
Colleges have been looking to donors for help amid a decrease in state support and donors have been responsive. But will the reliance on charitability get colleges through 2021? Read More >>

Tools and Tips for Higher Education Institutions to Fundraise During COVID-19
A guide for higher ed fundraising in the current economic climate, including donor strategies, tips, and tools. Read More >>

How COVID-19 Could Reshape Higher Ed Philanthropy
Two regional universities provide an insightful snapshot into the state of higher-ed fundraising before and after the pandemic. Read More >>

Your 2021 Reading List
Check out our 2021 reading and watching recommendations around the most discussed topics today. Read More >>

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