the graduway challenge

Re-thinking how you measure the power of your network

By Daniel Cohen, CEO Graduway

On the whole, education institutions do not track, measure and benchmark the power of their network generally and their online network in particular.

And hence, the big question typically left unanswered until now is ‘how do you know if your on-line network is actually succeeding or not?’

The natural objection to measuring performance is logical. The reality is that most people are more comfortable defining their feature requirements for their network than whether their network delivers the right performance. The result is that your network may be feature rich, yes, but ultimately performance poor.

The Graduway Challenge

At Graduway, we are the leading provider of 2,000+ on-line networks precisely because we have also been at the forefront of bringing effective measurement of those networks.

We learnt in our super-connected world, the strength of your network is no longer what you know or who you know, but how willing is your network to help.

The true measure of success for a network is how willing are its members to give back their time, treasure and talent:

  • a career network that is willing to mentor or provide career guidance to students
  • an alumni network that is willing to volunteer and be engaged
  • a donor network that is willing to support financially

The ultimate measure of your network isn’t size or engagement (although both are still important).

The ultimate measure of your network is how willing are its members to help.

Hence, in February 2020, we took the bold step of defining what customers should expect from a Graduway powered network.

With Graduway, on average +50% of your network will mentor, volunteer or donate.

As shown below, the +50% figure was based upon empirical evidence from hundreds of our networks, where we could consistently show that our clients on average achieved this level of performance or better.

Turning Engagement into Results

The impact of having +50% of your network willing to help will fundamentally change the way you do your programming.

For Career Centers, running mentoring programs are notoriously difficult to get off the ground with a huge amount of effort finding and pairing mentors and mentees. Having an active network of mentors who have already told you how they would like to mentor and what they have to give back, ensures a scalable mentoring program that can make a huge impact for your students.

For Alumni Relations, engaging alumni and enlisting volunteers feels like a constant uphill battle. By gifting alumni an engaged network for connections and opportunities, you can now transform your online network into a pool of volunteers empowering you to scale your alumni activities and rise to new heights of engagement.

For Development, with average participation rates at 8%, there is a growing challenge to broaden the pool of donors. Having an engaged network who are willing to give is ‘democratizing’ giving and fundamentally changing the traditional model of fundraising.

Not all networks are the same. Only Graduway is prepared to take the Challenge.