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February Industry Roundup – Development

February Industry Roundup – Development

This month we’ve drilled down into donor behaviors, bringing you the latest forecasts for higher ed fundraising in the year to come. Read on to see what Development experts are saying about the future of gifting in 2021.

The Hottest Digital Fundraising Campaigns of 2020
Discover the individuals and teams whose activities stood out above and beyond in supporting their community despite the 2020 hurdles. Read More >>

Peer-To-Peer Fundraisers Prepare For a New Reality In 2021
Virtual or in-person events, fundraisers or personal outreach efforts, what can we expect in 2021? Read More >>

How COVID-19 Changed the Face of Fundraising for Higher Ed
During the pandemic we’ve seen generous, selfless generosity aimed at alleviating the effects of coronavirus, but will this trend last? Read More >>

Higher Ed Fundraising Poised to Drop to Possible Historic Lows
45% of institutions anticipate double-digit declines in 2021 while a growing percentage of schools expect a decline of at least 30% compared to 2019 totals. Read More >>

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