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Alumni Relations – Don’t Compete, Collaborate!

Alumni Relations – Don’t Compete, Collaborate!

One of the most unique characteristics of alumni relations professionals is their willingness to share best practices among each other.

In fact, I cannot think of another industry that demonstrates this amazing quality to such a high level.

Colleges and schools may compete, but in the world of education in general, and in the world of advancement in particular, all I have ever seen is wonderful sharing and collaboration between professionals.

With this in mind, it gives me great pleasure to share below the ‘Global Best Practice in Alumni Relations’ session held at the Global Leaders Summit at UCLA.

If you are going to invest an hour of your time this month in training, I would respectfully suggest this is where you should invest your time.

The amazing panel consisted of



A huge thank you, Chris, Sean, Duane, Robert and Donna for providing such amazing insights on alumni relations best practices.

Please consider attending our next Global Leaders Summit

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