COVID-19 Crisis Relief Resources

As we work to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on our communities, the very nature of how we conduct our work has changed. Travel and events are cancelled, campuses have been closed and the status for the coming school year is uncertain and most importantly our constituents are looking for support, advice and community.

More than ever, a willing digital network is the key to effectively connect and communicate with your constituents, and to leverage the strength of your network to support one another with time, talent and yes, sometimes monetary support.

We also know that a lot of you are navigating this pandemic with enormous budget uncertainty and a lack of resources and we see it as our responsibility to help you continue running your activities and reaching your targets within this new normal.

That’s why we’re committed to supporting you and your team in this time of uncertainty. 

Our FREE digital tools enable institutions to quickly switch to a virtual model for effective mentoring, engagement and fundraising to support your communities in practical and meaningful ways. 

As we all follow the evolution of the virus and adapt our plans accordingly, we at Graduway are committed to providing you with the tools that you need to continue making an impact with the value that your community needs.


As our new pandemic reality continues, we must find innovative ways to combat Zoom fatigue and break down virtual boundaries to better engage and support our communities.

GradLive is a FREE real-time networking offer that takes your digital networking to the next level. See who’s live in your network at any time, whether other users, or your own staff, and connect by video to create deeper, more meaningful connections.

With the world facing high levels of unemployment and economic hardship, providing students and alumni with expert career guidance, connections and mentorship has become more important than ever.

GradMentor is a FREE tool empowering you to run a structured mentoring program at scale and give your students and alumni the mentorship and connections they need to better succeed during these times.

As many of your alumni businesses will experience financial struggles, highlighting their products and offerings within your alumni community can really be a game-changer for them.

GradBusiness is a FREE dedicated business directory to help you practically support your community and alumni businesses survive financially through Coronavirus.

For fundraisers, 2020 poses significant challenges. Physical distancing puts a question mark on traditional fundraising events, travel bans prevent in-person meetings, and the high levels of unemployment and harsh economic reality bring target numbers into question.

GradRaise is a FREE access to all our digital fundraising tools for the first year to help you manage budget uncertainty and reach your targets during this uncertain time.

With physical events being cancelled and no more opportunities for your alumni to connect at networking events, it is critical to find ways to recreate this type of experience.

GradVirtual is a FREE tool to empower your alumni to make the right connections for professional opportunities through an easy-to-use directory and video chat capabilities.

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