The Case for Alumni Mentoring

In This blog i will be making the case for Alumni Mentoring.  The provision of mentors to students and alumni used to be a low priority for education institutions.

5 Big Student Alumni Mentoring Mistakes

This blog will be discussing what in my opinion the 5 big student alumni mentoring mistakes that take place.  A few weeks ago I wrote a blog called The Case for Alumni Mentoring. There, I highlighted the latest research  by Gallup-Purdue University which showed that the key to students achieving long term success after college was having […]

Should Alumni Mentoring Be A Dating App Or An Arranged Marriage?

I see a clear and positive trend of schools strengthening the career services they offer their alumni. There are more and more ideas ranging from a mentoring app to a manual matching of mentors and mentees where career services are offering more to their alumni.

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