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March Industry Roundup – Career Services

With the pandemic still very much a part of our lives and campus experience, Career Services offices are coming up with fresh new ideas to help graduates make their way into the workforce in this economy. A roundup of the latest initiatives and prospects in career development from colleges nationwide.

March Industry Roundup – Development

With the pandemic still very much a part of college fundraising realities, Development offices continue their search for effective digital fundraising solutions. A roundup of the latest projections and fresh ideas for fundraising in 2021.

March Industry Roundup – Alumni Relations

Now that Alumni Relations offices are operating almost fully digitally, what new ideas are they coming up with to ramp up engagement? And how are they measuring their success? We’ve rounded up the latest hot reads from Alumni Relations.

February Industry Roundup – Career Services

Rounding up the latest from around the web about the continued effects of COVID-19 on employment and an optimistic forecast for job seekers in 2021.

February Industry Roundup – Development

This month we’ve drilled down into donor behaviors, bringing you the latest forecasts for higher ed fundraising in the year to come. Read on to see what Development experts are saying about the future of gifting in 2021.

February Industry Roundup – Alumni Relations

This month we’re bringing you the top stories from around the web about the national preparations for Black History Month, the Biden Office priorities for the education sector, and how virtual communication is still shaping student experiences.

January Industry Roundup – Career Services

How likely are alumni to find a job in COVID-19 afflicted 2021? And what kind of jobs may be hiding in the most unexpected places? We’ve rounded up the latest in Career Services for the year to come.

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