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Building Personal Connections: The “North Star” for Admission

The duties and demands of today’s admission officers are constantly growing. Admission and enrollment management professionals are expected to wear multiple hats and to master new skills in order to meet the ever-changing needs of their schools.

Top 6 Alumni Engagement Tips from Walden University

Walden Connect helps the more than 154,000 alumni build long-lasting, meaningful connections and provides a platform for Walden University to facilitate life-long personal and professional growth for past students. Here are a few tips from Walden University for building platform engagement.

Recreating In-Person Experiences Through Virtual Communities

Whether you’re a leader in admission, alumni relations, career services, or development, 2022 presents new opportunities for every field to build digital communities in a pandemic world. Set yourself up for success with these top-level strategies.

Your 2021 Holiday Reading List

As we are all getting ready for the holidays and for a well-deserved break, we wanted to share with you our holiday reading and watching recommendations around the most discussed topics of 2020.

March Industry Roundup – Career Services

With the pandemic still very much a part of our lives and campus experience, Career Services offices are coming up with fresh new ideas to help graduates make their way into the workforce in this economy. A roundup of the latest initiatives and prospects in career development from colleges nationwide.

A New Era in Virtual Engagement

The world of education has been undergoing a gradual digitization process for years now. Yet never before had virtual engagement gotten its time in the spotlight like it has in the past year.

February Industry Roundup – Career Services

Rounding up the latest from around the web about the continued effects of COVID-19 on employment and an optimistic forecast for job seekers in 2021.

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