The Value of Engaging Your Young Alumni

This blog is based upon an interview with Chris Marshall and an interesting discussion we had in regards to the true value of engaging your young alumni and newly graduated students. Chris currently serves as President of Graduway North America after years as an alumni engagement consultant and working with over 100 top clients on […]

Why Can’t You Scale Your Mentoring?

In this blog I will be discussing how to scale your mentoring programs to the next level and some of the barriers inhibiting scaling your mentoring.    Ask a typical school to rate how strong their mentoring program is. The typical answer goes something like this: “We have a world-class mentoring program.  We have been […]

The Future of Mentoring

What will mentoring the future of mentoring look like? Let me share 8 possible predictions: For the Many and not the Few The first and most obvious observation is that mentoring will cease to be a small and exclusive subset of a student body. Mentoring for the masses is an irresistible trend for those institutions […]

Must Alumni Mentoring Relationships Be Like ‘Marriages’?

A question for both alumni relations and alumni career services professionals – must alumni mentoring relationships really be like marriage?  I don’t believe so. Let me explain.

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