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Bridging the Digital Enrollment Divide with Video

Bridging the Digital Enrollment Divide with Video

More than ever, the world of 2022 demands new forms of connection. The internet is now a fundamental and necessary tool for keeping up with family, friends, colleagues, and everyday activities. Modern video conferencing allows for larger group gatherings, and social media platforms are constantly adding new features aimed at building personal connections and creating community with others. 

While it is impossible to predict what new challenges our world may face this year, one thing remains clear: building personal connections is more important than ever.

With the yield season just around the corner, we’ve compiled a few examples of how  schools can leverage their community and create more meaningful connections during the admission cycle.

Community-created videos help to tell the story behind your school and are a cost-effective strategy to adopt, especially when campus visits and in-person events aren’t always possible. They provide powerful, authentic testimony for your program and can be used as a tool for creating awareness, educating prospective families, and influencing enrollment decisions. 

Here are some creative ways your admission team can add video to the upcoming yield season: 
1. Celebrate admission – Faculty/Staff to new student
2. Welcome to the community – Current Parent to New Family
3. Shared experience/knowledge – Alumni to student

While there are plenty of tools for members of your community to create impactful videos, don’t let the potentially clunky process of requesting and sharing personalized videos hold you back. With PeerPal’s video outreach feature, we make it easy for you to request these types of videos from your community. 

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