Alumni Relations Best Practices: The Death of Email for Life

For me, ’email for life’ is a symbol of how an education institution can become irrelevant to their alumni community.

What Is Your Picture of Alumni Engagement?

When it comes to alumni engagement, we often get lost in the detail.  To be more precise, we often get lost in the alumni engagement metrics. There is the big question about what to measure that will capture both the ‘Fund-raising’ and ‘Friend-raising’ nature of alumni relations.

Best Alumni Software: Putting Your Alumni Second

This blog will discuss and focus on the pro’s and con’s of a single sign-on system. Tough question for you.

Is The Alumni Relations Profession Being Hijacked?

Every now and again one comes across something so profound that you must implore your colleagues in the alumni profession to to see and hear it for themselves.

Alumni Relations Trends: Alumni Relations In 2025

I am delighted to share with you the panel discussion at the recent Global Leaders Summit that discussed alumni relations trends and  and the threats and opportunities facing the industry.

Engaging Alumni In The Wrong Order: What Are The Rules of Engagement?

Most professionals working with alumni for an educational institution understand that you probably need to have in place three things to effectively engage your alumni on-line.

Leveraging the Power of Instagram

This blog will cover some of my thoughts regarding alumni social media engagement. I consider myself an expert user of LinkedIn.  I also regularly use Facebook and Twitter. However when it comes to Instagram, I must confess to being a little ignorant.

The Online Network – Returning That Intimacy?

It’s my birthday.  39 years old today, and your online network probably told you that. And who remembered that it’s my birthday?  Well a curious group of people.

2 Golden Rules To ‘Get Through’ To Your Alumni

This blog will discuss my golden rules of ‘getting through’ to your alumni. I sometimes feel we are over-complicating this whole alumni thing and it doesn’t have to be. We are getting very sophisticated – accumulating lots of data, investing in hiring people, new IT systems, working extremely hard.  In short we are throwing lots […]

The 50 Most Powerful Alumni Networks – Really?

This blog post will discuss my view on the process of alumni ranking and networks.   I saw an interesting post last week from my respected colleague Andy Shaindlin that got me thinking. Andy’s blog How Not to Rank Alumni Networks? gave a critique of the ranking of alumni networks provided by The Economist.

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