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A New Era in Virtual Engagement

A New Era in Virtual Engagement

The world of education has been undergoing a gradual digitization process for years now. Yet never before had virtual engagement gotten its time in the spotlight like it has in the past year. As campuses turned into virtual entities almost overnight, we have seen universities and schools up their virtual game – setting a new and unprecedented standard for digital engagement.

The pandemic shone a light on the value of virtual engagement. Social distancing allowed digitization to thrive. In this reality, we have seen so many of our clients and partners take their digital platforms to the next level, making use of the platform to create personalized ‘native’ engagement experiences for their constituents and attempt to mirror our new modes of communication through virtual means. This has been a tremendous vote of confidence in the digital world and in the route we have chosen from ourselves.

This year’s winners of the Graduway Going Virtual Impact Award are focused on three areas of digitization – Virtual Transition, Platform Growth and Engagement, and Digital Content. They have all done a spectacular job of digitally supporting their respective communities and pivoting their in-person communication to these designated virtual spaces. We are honored to feature some of the more inspiring stories of going virtual we have seen this year (and there have been many) and the individuals and teams that have helped make them happen.

  • Texas Christian University took a frontline approach with its events calendar, transitioning their in-person events into digital extravaganzas. By creating partnerships of solidarity across campus, TCU was able to power up their platform, displaying unprecedented growth and online engagement.

  • University of Colorado Boulder broke into the virtual space by taking their alumni community of over 300,000 members online in September of 2020. In the space of three months,UC got 5,000 of their alumni onto the platform with a willing-to-help indicator of over 60%.

  • Rice University has had a digital presence since 2016 which has steadily grown to 12,000 members. In response to the pandemic, Rice University took immediate action on their Sally Portal, injecting their digital space with a wide range of up-to-the-minute offerings for young alumni and teaming up with their Careers Office to create support for job seekers and mentoring programming that spoke to the needs of the hour.

  • Wasatch Academy had been planning on going virtual for over a year. They accelerated the process of adopting a virtual presence in light of COVID-19 and launching their digital platform in 2019 to bring lost alumni back into their community and develop mentorship opportunities for their students. Launching into a pandemic reality, Wasatch made ample use of digital events to engage their community and keep it vibrant and active.

  • For The Manchester Grammar School, the pandemic was an opportunity to get students onto their digital platform. The pivot to a virtual space has affected their network growth dramatically, enabling the school to grow their digital database and increase their reach.

To all our award winners in this category, we’re extremely proud of you. Nicely done. Looking forward to another groundbreaking year in 2021.
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