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Professional Schools

Professional Schools


The Power Of YOUR

virtual NETWORK

Drive connections and opportunities for your students and alumni


Professional Schools

The Power Of Your


Drive connections and opportunities for your students and alumni

Trusted by

600+ PROFESSIONAL schools

across the globe

Learn how leading professional schools just like yours are using Graduway to unleash the power of their school's network



Break Down the Silos

Leverage the power of one network across the entire education lifecycle to recruit and mentor students, engage alumni, and cultivate donors.

Go From Physical to Digital

Adapt to our new digital reality with a powerful network that can take all your activities fully virtual. With our video-first platform you can connect your constituents around the globe with an exclusive network that’s willing to answer questions, provide career advice and mentorship and give back.

Drive Diversity and Inclusion

Support all your students and alumni regardless of their social or economic status with equitable access to connections, mentorship and opportunities. Provide access to a willing professional network of exclusive connections to break down barriers and extend equal opportunities for all.

More Ambassadors. More Mentors. More Donors.

With a small team and limited resources, it can be difficult to scale your efforts to support and engage all your constituents. With your exclusive network, you can easily build an army of supporters willing to help so you can scale your impact. In fact, on average, 75% of a Graduway network is willing to be an ambassador, mentor or donor. How’s that for impact!

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