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5 best practices to increase reunion giving with personalized video messages 

5 best practices to increase reunion giving with personalized video messages 

Reunion season is a crucial time of year, providing many fundraising opportunities and avenues to connect with constituents. Whether you start your planning before the big event or focus your efforts on follow-up to secure gifts from those who attended the various reunion activities, be sure to capitalize on this opportunity with the following best practices:

1. Segment based on your affinity

Consider the connection. Sometimes affinity (clubs, greek life, athletics, etc.) drives more engagement than a class year.

2. Use a variety of voices

Utilize alumni from specific class years, organizational leadership, popular characters like mascots and other school representatives to engage all of your alumni.

3. Be authentic

The less scripted and highly produced the message feels, the better. If a volunteer is crafting the message, be sure to provide guidelines or talking points but let them speak from the heart.

4. Have fun with the ask amount

Reunion giving is the perfect time to bring in new donors utilizing relevant years as the giving amount—graduation year, founding year or reunion year.

5. Keep it simple

Asking for too many things at once can be overwhelming. Try breaking up the communications for events, giving and other initiatives into separate sends.

Bonus tip

Boost your engagement rates by encouraging your volunteers and board members to record their own videos!

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